Ferngully Landscapes ~ What We Do


FernGully Landscapes

Landscape Design & Installation

From very simple designs to lush outdoor living spaces, we can meet any need. Our designs have included trees, shrubs, and flowers to pergolas, fire pits, specialty gardens, water gardens and more.

We know where something will thrive and where it will not as well as what will look appealing but will not work years down the road due to our climate and soils....< read more >

Landscape Maintenance

Our team makes sure your yard looks healthy and pristine throughout the whole year!

Here in Georgia, we have 38 weeks we consider the growing season where your lawn requires the most amount of maintenance. However, the fall & winter seasons require maintenance as well, such as leaf cleanup, care for ornamental grasses, crape myrtles, and other plants that need to be cut back to maintain health, shape, and beauty. < read more >