Our maintenance crews are prompt and efficient!

At FernGully Landscapes, we understand the importance of education in property management and all employees are educated in environmental horticulture principals along with basics in irrigation at local Georgia schools and classes. We attend seminars, events, and classes each winter to keep them updated on new technology available and products offered to give your property the cutting edge of the landscape industry. They understand the essentials to the details of a manicured property along with general reminders on basic horticultural standards. They are prompt and efficient yet detailed oriented. They are knowledgeable about plants found in Georgia that need specific care like crape myrtles, ornamental grasses, rose bushes, etc., to treating plants that are susceptible to diseases and pests found in the Atlanta area.

Under our property management program, our team visits your property every week on the same day and generally about the same time between the months of February through December. In January they visit every other week and are maintaining and working on the equipment to get ready for the upcoming spring season the other two weeks. In Atlanta, there are 38 weeks which we consider the growing season where your lawn requires the most amount of maintenance. However, the fall and winter seasons require maintenance as well such as leaf cleanup, care for ornamental grasses, crape myrtles, and other plants that need to be cut back. Our team makes sure your yard is looking beautiful throughout the whole year in Georgia.

We maintain properties in Braselton and the surrounding areas. Please contact us to see if we service your area. 678-528-2977 or

Cost Benefit

Turf and plants that are poorly maintained are more readily susceptible to disease and insects. In the long run this will require costly chemicals to cure the problem. Our team of property managers will select the proper maintenance program that works best for your needs and your property saving you from costly mistakes and creating an environmentally friendly yard.

Complete Reel Mow Program

We offer complete reel mow packages in Braselton, Hoschton, Flowery Branch,¬†Jefferson and other surrounding Atlanta cities. Many companies buy reel mowers but have no idea how to use them properly. Only FernGully Landscapes offers you a premium reel mow package, designed to optimize your specific lawn and create a “golf course” style turf.

Soil Testing

Red Georgia clay can seem difficult to work with. The soil in which your turf is growing has a dramatic impact upon the health and look of the turf. Knowing this, FernGully Landscapes can take soil samples where the work is to be performed in order to give the most tailored program to fit your needs. This helps insure the beauty of your turf now and for many years to come.

No matter what your maintenance needs are, we have the program and knowledge to handle it.