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We have done many designs in the Atlanta area and worked extensively with Georgia soil and climates. FernGully was started in Flowery Branch Georgia focusing on the maintenance end. We expanded our business extending to the Buckhead area. Because of this our team of expert designers not only know plant quality and cosmetic appeal but what it will take to keep your landscaping looking great from very simple designs to lush outdoor living spaces. Because we have been out here for years maintaining your neighbor’s property, we know exactly where something will thrive and where it will not. Many times our customers have come to us asking us to redo a design or installation they have already had done. The reason for this is many companies design or install projects that may look appealing but will not work years down the road with the Atlanta climate and soils.

Common problems associated with new installs include having the plants too close together, being in the wrong soil conditions, too much sun or shade for the particular variety, or lack of space. You have the guarantee from us here at FernGully Landscapes that your landscaping will look good from the day we install it, too many years to come. We listen to your thoughts and offer helpful advice to achieve the look you’re wanting. We treat each design and install as if it were our own property and project and we make sure everything is conducive to your surroundings.

Photo Realistic Imaging

We have dealt with many clientele in the Alpharetta, Suwanee, Braselton, Buckhead, and surrounding areas over the years who have all had the same problem. They complain that they can't visualize an aerial view of a landscape design that just has circles and symbols all over it. We have another solution to make sure your getting the design you're wanting without having to pay exorbitant fees of cad and hand drawings. Photo realistic imaging is a state of the art software that allows us to take a picture of an area your wanting landscaped and place each of the plants in that picture so you can see how the design will look before we ever get the OK to install. Our customers feel much more confident in this and rest easier because they know exactly what they are getting. With this software it also allows us to change the design for multiple looks quickly and efficiently so we get exactly what our customers are thriving for.

While many customers feel the photo realistic imaging is advantageous, some customers, properties, or commercial sites in the Atlanta area require and request cad drawings, which these services are available.

So with photo realistic imaging, cad drawings, and extensive knowledge in the design field, you can rest assured that your outdoor living space in the North Georgia area will have the look your striving for, now and for many years to come.

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